Shivaay movie actress Erika Kaar's poster released by Ajay Devgn

Shivaay movie’s posters have been releasing since a few days now and after the much popular release of the movie’s poster featuring the lead actor Ajay Devgn himself now the poster featuring the child actress in the movie – Erika Kaar has also been released and is grabbing much attention over all the popular social media platforms like Twitter now.

Erika Kaar is not a much popular name amongst the Bollywood movie goers in India as of now, however, we are pretty sure that she will go on to garner much attention in near future as her first look of the movie has been released on Twitter and Facebook by none other than the actor Ajay Devgn himself who is also playing the male lead in the movie Shivaay.

The cast and crew of the movie has been shooting at all the amazing locations all over the world including Bulgaria. For Erika Kaar to be a part of this movie’s cast might just prove to be an amazing opportunity for her as we are pretty sure that the movie’s box office collections would be so high that they might actually break all the existing records.
Who is Erika Kaar you might ask? Well, Erika Kaar was previously featured in the 2014 BBC television series The Passing Bells before she was signed for Shivaay.

Ajay Devgn’s first look was also released only sometime back and you might want to check it on his Twitter account and not miss the most perfectly designed first look any character has ever received in Bollywood till date.
A little insight: The role of Erika Kaar’s character in the film’s story is a very important one!

Ajay Devgn unveiled this poster on his twitter account and captioned it, “Talent with Beauty in a rare mix @ErikaKaar #JourneyOfShivaay”.

All the actors and actresses from the movie are super excited as the audiences have issued positive reviews over all the social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and even lesser known platforms like Google plus, Reddit etc.
We are receiving loads of messages and queries regarding the movie everyday and are super-excited about the release of Shivaay which is nearing fast. We know even you are waiting to see the complete character of Erika Kaar in the movie after having a look at the First Look released by Ajay Devgn.
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Shivaay movie cast and crew: Sayyeshaa Saigal new actress

Ajay Devgan is all set to make it big with his upcoming movie Shivaay. He will be in the lead role and the direction and production of the movie will also be in the hands of Ajay Devgan. With him holding all the reins in Shivaay, the film is bound to be a splendid piece of action. Introducing a career with the movie Shivaay is a beautiful and unimaginably talented actress Sayyeshaa Saigal. Sayyeshaa has been cast in the movie after a brilliant audition in which Ajay was visibly impressed by her performance. We have gathered lots of interesting pieces of information for this new face of Bollywood cast in Shivaay and we are very excited to share it with you!

The Shivaay actress Sayyeshaa is another star kid in Bollywood. She is the daughter of the noted actors Sumeet and Shaheen Saigal and is cast in the lead role of her debut film Shivaay. She is one amazingly multi-talented actress. Sayessha has been an excellent student both in sports and academics. Her interest in acting started when she was very young and her she has literally expanded her talents progressively since then. Sayyeshaa is one hell of a dancer and is proficient in more dance forms from all over the world that you can count like kathak, hip-hop, Rhumba, Samba, Latin American and Odissi. Besides dancing she can sing too! This shoudn’t come as a surprise considering she started her classical music training from the tender age of 5. Ajay Devgan has done a great job of finding a fresh, new and talented face for his film Shivaay.

Ajay Devgan had been searching to introduce a fresh face with his upcoming flick Shivaay. When Sayyeshaa auditioned for the role, reports state that Ajay was so impressed with her performance that he has made the decision right that instant. The role that the actress Sayyeshaa Saigal would be playing is still not clear. It seems we would have to wait till the official teaser trailer for the movie will be released. Ajay Devgan has always made it work with a lot of first-timers on screen and in this film too the chemistry between Ajay and Sayyehsaa should be something to watch out for. Currently the shooting of the film is undergoing in the snow covered mountains of Bulgaria. The movie is set to be released this year in the month of October and will be distributed by Eros International. 
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Shivaay movie shoot: Actor Ajay Devgn films in Bulgaria

Superstar Ajay Devgn recently posted a picture of himself shooting for his upcoming directorial venture, Shivaay in Bulgaria. In the picture posted by him on Twitter a few days ago, the actor is seen hanging on a rope from a helicopter.

The picture shows Ajay Devgn performing what looks like a stunt scene while shooting for Shivaay among the snowy Balkan mountains of Bulgaria. The shooting of Shivaay is taking place at a height of 2925 m with Ajay Devgn performing most of the dangerous action sequences himself without any body double being used.

Ajay Devgn is shooting on the Balkan mountains which lie on the border of Serbia and Bulgaria. The shooting of Shivaay began back in November. Previous schedules of the movie were shot in Mussoorie, Utttarakhand as well as other parts of the India. The actor was seen wearing a Blue jacket teamed up with a pair of Black sunnies and looked dappper.

Shivay is Ajay Devgn's second directorial venture after the movie U, Me Aur Hum which starred Ajay Devgn and Kajol and released in 2008. This film has failed to gain any rave reviews and has tanked at at the Box Office.

Shivaay is anticipated to be a Blockbuster movie and Ajay Devgn is incorporating a lot of hard work and leaving no stone unturned for the success off this movie. Fans are excited for seeing their own superstar, Ajay Devgn in a totally new avatar for Shivaay.

Shivaay also stars Vir Das who was recently spotted shooting in Hyderabad. Other stars who are a part of the star case of Shivaay include Sayesha Saigal, Abigail Eames and Erika Kaar among others. Shivaay is slated to release on Diwali this year.
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Shivaay movie shoot location video shared by Ajay Devgn

Ajay Devgn's upcoming directorial undertaking 'Shivaay' has again grabbed headlines after an exclusive video released from the movie sets by none other than Ajay Devgn himself. The short 17 second video gives a glimpse into the picturesque iciness of Bulgaria where the shooting is currently taking place.

Ajay Devgn is speaking into the camera wearing a dark hooded jacket and pointing towards the mighty ice capped ranges that looked rugged and raw. It was snowing during the video that created an even more breathtaking view of the mountains with snow completely covering the fir tress and undergrowth over the slopes. Ajay looks really mesmerized with the view in his black square glasses when he pulls up his hood and ushers towards the snow, declaring it to be the first look of Shivaay.

You can easily count on seeing stunning locations and background imagery in the movie that is going to take the look and feel of the movie to a whole new level! Shivaay is one of the most sought after movie of 2016 with Ajay Devgn as the lead actor and the cast consisting of Sayesga Saigal as the lead actress. It is to be released on the 28th of October across the the nation.

The story of Shivaay depicts the life of Lord Shiva and will portray his divinity along with all the humane elements. The movie is expected to have lots of stunning action scenes performed by the lead actor and hence would be on the must watch list of Ajay Devgn fans.

The shooting in Bulgaria has been going on for a few months now and its frigid temperatures and polar geography must have worked really well for depicting the icy abode of Lord Shiva , the "Kailash Parbat'.

Fans are impatiently waiting for more updates from the sets of Shivaay. With a few months of shooting still left, the posters for the first look has already generated a lot of excitement for the movie and it is already being hailed as one of its kind.

The video has pecked our curiosity and we can be certain that Ajay Devgn is bent on keeping the look of the film as real as possible. We did not expect anything less from the seasoned actor who has already tried his hands in direction with his previous venture 'U Me aur Hum' in 2008.
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Shivaay movie's songs and music: Composer Mithoon talks

Music composer Mithoon described the soundtrack for Shivaay as subtle and with an inherent meaning which will resonate with lead character of the movie. Ajay Devgn has returned to direction with Shivaay after a long time and is also the lead actor in the film along with Sayesha Saigal in the cast. The story revolves around the life of Lord Shiva and portray him encompassing the human and divine elements along with the Devgn style of action and drama.

Shivaay is set to hit theatres on October 28 2016. Ajay is reported to have given a free rein to Mithoon over the music for the film. When asked about working with Ajay, he said ". He is very passionate about the movie and instantly agreed to lend his voice for the title track" Mithoon described his music in Shivaay as subtle and soulful.

"It resonates with the character of Shivaay as in it revels with a passion and energy that is very powerful and soul endearing at the same time. We are trying hard to capture the different facets of Lord Shiva like his courage, strength and determination in the movie. Capturing these emotions will help extend the reach of the music and make it universal", he said.

Mithoon also speaks very highly oh Ajay Devgn and his taste in music. The texture of his voice would be best suited for the song and might even work to connect the audience with his role. "The Shivaay movie title track will work perfect with Ajay's voice and he is very enthusiastically on board. I cannot say that he is excellent or just good but I can say that I like the quality of his voice. He will be working along with other singers and artists in the song”, said Mithoon on being asked about the title song being performed by Ajay.

Mithoon also commented on what it was like to work for the music for the Shivaay movie. He said “the job was challenging and required thinking out of the box. I have never worked on a similar project before so it took a little time to set the themes and tones we wanted to display. The songs merge with the story. The progress is great and we hope to that we get a positive response”.

The movie has garnered a lot of attention for its depiction of the life of Lord Shiva and critics as well as the censor board must be waiting to dispel any controversial storm it might create. Ajay’s decision to lend his voice to the title track has again bought the film in the headlines.
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Shivaay movie cast: Ajay Devgn's role as prisoner in Shivaay

After the success of his last film Drishyam, Ajay Devgn is on cloud nine. While the actor would be seen soon in his upcoming release titled Shivaay, lately the versatile actor has been enjoying the success of his film Drishyam. He has delivered a magnificent performance in the movie and has once again lived up to his fan’s expectation in terms of great performance. He played the role of a common man in the movie, and is all set now to rock the screen with his next release Shivaay. The actor had lately confessed that he is appreciated by his fans for his serious roles. Ajay Devgn’s next release Shivaay is been considered as a movie that will see lot of action and drama. The shooting of Shivaay movie has yet not started and will be starting in December.

The first look of Shivaay has been released and has become the talking point of the fans awaiting the movie’s release. The first look is the recent talks among the movie lovers. Also adding to the excitement is the fact that the movie is Ajay’s second directorial venture after U, Me Aur Hum.  As per the disclosure of the plot of movie, Ajay will be playing the character of a prisoner who challenges the evil empire after coming out of jail. Seen along with Devgn would be the leading lady of Shivaay, debutant Sayesha Saigal, Dilip Kumar’s grandniece.

Shivaay is an upcoming movie that will be directed and produced by Ajay Devgn. The movie is slated for a release by next year in 2016 and it will be an action drama Bollywood film. Ajay Devgn will be producing Shivaay under his own production Company Ajay Devgn Films. Mithoon is composing all 6 songs solely. While Ajay Devgn will be seen in the lead role as Shivaay, Dilip Kumar's grand-niece Sayesha Saigal will be seen as Sati (goddess). The shooting of the film hasn’t commenced yet and has been postponed until October 2015. Apart from Shivaay, the actor has in queue his upcoming movies titled Baadshaho and Sons Of Sardaar.
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Shivaay deals with Lord Shiva's human qualities: Ajay Devgn

Shivaay is one of the latest movies that Ajay Devgn has been working on nowadays. Ajay has a wider scope for work with this movie as he is playing the role of the lead actor as well as the director in this upcoming 2016 diwali release.

Ajay Devgn came forward to talk about the movie Shivaay in a recent interaction with media and talked about the topic of the film. He said that the movie will revolve around the shortcomings of lord Shiva as a human being and how these qualities only made him more powerful and not weak as is the case with most humans.

“As a devotee, I like the characteristics of Shiva. My film is not a mythology. It’s a modern film. Shiva is the only God, who had flaws like a human being. All the other Gods are perfect. ”Shiva loved ‘bhang’. He would get very angry and we call him Bhola because anybody could fool him but all these elements make him so strong and loved,” Ajay told PTI.

Actress Sayesha Saigal will be launched with this movie as a newcomer and will be playing the female lead in this movie opposite Ajay Devgn. When asked about Sayesha, Ajay says that the newcomer does not behave like newcomers generally do and is a really good actor and a mature person.

The first look of the film Shivaay has already been released on social media and even a motion poster of the movie was released recently and even the shooting of the movie has not started yet, when asked, Ajay said that he did so to raise awareness about the film before starting the shooting which is expected to commence in December 2015.

Shivaay will be out with an international release on Diwali, 2016.
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